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The most complete corporate solution for the integrated management of business excellence and compliance.

SoftExpert Excellence Suite is the most complete and modular solution to collaboratively meet all critical demands for excellence in organizational performance in a single integrated environment.

Organizations may not apply all of these practices at one time, or they may choose to gradually introduce them as each becomes apparent.

In any scenario, only a complete and integrated platform will allow all these initiatives to connect with each other in a productive and puzzle way.




El Desafío

Organizations of the most varied sizes and sectors of activity are facing arduous challenges, including increased costs, reduced profit margins and high operational inefficiency. In addition, they have to adapt to an environment of continuous elevation of regulatory and legal requirements, coupled with growing market pressure for greater quality, safety and efficiency. Finally, these organizations are also faced with the complex equation of optimizing their costs without lowering the quality of their supply chain.

In this same direction, the pressures and challenges for competitiveness increase every year, in tune with the growth of the expectations of customers and shareholders that continuously have a direct impact on business strategies.

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Price pressures, increased maturity of products and services, and technological innovations are obstacles in the success of the business, where only one of these items in isolation no longer maintains the loyalty of its customers and markets of action.

In the face of these market and economic pressures, organizational leaders continually face many difficult issues. How to maximize the organization's profits without sacrificing a differentiated level of customer service? How to increase customer and staff satisfaction at the same time? How can you effectively meet regulatory requirements without compromising operational productivity? How to recruit and retain talented professionals? How to ensure that the goals of the organization are pursued by every individual in the organization?

The Excellence in Management Model is the systematic use of key practices and tools in business management, with the aim of increasing performance in all areas and operations of the organization based on the principles of continuous improvement, preventive management and focus on results. Among the tools applied are the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), process management, GRC, total quality (TQM), Lean Six Sigma, project management, and various others.